Fire & Air
Murmurs Gallery 
A Struggle For Change - A Group Show 2020

I believe that the food which we eat affects both the body and the mind, and always consumes all of our senses. The mind balances the body, and they mutually affect each other. We are both at the same time, and one cannot be without the other. Food alters our physiological and our emotional states. It builds up heat, keeps us cool, and affects our equilibrium; it gives us strength and reminds us that we are one with the earth, we are made from the earth and we return to the earth.

The food which I am serving is for healing and for joy. It is to cool us from within during these hot summer days; to keep our minds refreshed and our senses awakened. It is to remind us that we are alive, to feel love and compassion, and to translate these feelings into inner peace, confidence and the will to go on.

I hope that you will come and indulge yourself and, when you leave, that you will keep working towards bringing good into the world at every possible level, until we fundamentally transform our relationship with each other and this planet. Because in the end, we are all one.

Menu: steamed somber squares (a moist steamed chickpea flour square, tempered with cumin, mustard seeds and some spice) herbaceous hustle (a herby mix tossed with a lime ginger dressing) - a content kofte (potato and corn kofte seasoned with tamarind, dates and cilantro) - coconut barfi (rose, mango & pistachio) - salty lassi & mango lassi

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