DIY Hot Dog
Champion X Pacman

The collaboration between Champion and Pac-Man is a true marriage of the 80s and 90s across America and Japan. This food and beverage concept references the fast food joints of America, the commercial processes of the 90s with the visual identity of Pac-Man.

I present to you “DIY Hot Dog”

Menu: Grass fed beef hot dogs, Beyond meat bratwurst, Brioche buns, Gluten free buns
Toppings: Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Spicy Mayo,Teriyaki Sauce, Japanese Curry, Yuzu Kosho, Franks Red hot sauce, Red Cabbage Kraut, Pickled Ginger, Crispy Onions, Crunchy Ramen, Furikake & Nori.
Beverages: Provided by LaRayias Bodega
Rose Lemonade - Fresh pressed rose petals with agave + freshly squeezed lemons + alkaline water
Moon Tea - Blue ceremony tea + almond milk + fresh pressed butterfly pea flower
Sunrise Quencher - Fresh pressed blood orange + fresh squeezed lemon + agave + alkaline water

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