A Courtesan’s Kitchen

The Courtesans of Lucknow, India -- their sumptuous and mannered aesthetics, their culture of refined discourse and rebellious living, their lifestyle of physical decadence and ascetic philosophy of love -- have inspired A Courtesan’s Kitchen; a table of bites created and cooked up at Discostan July 2019. A personal study into the Courtesans, tawa'if, this became an opportunity to explore the ideas of feminism and resistance through the pleasures of food and aesthetics.

I believe that conversations are easier when conducted around food, in aesthetic surroundings that are a little fantastical.
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Menu: Alloo (Potato) Samosas, Lahmacuns (Flat bread with ground meat & herbs), Coconut Barfi  - Rose, Mango & Pistachio, Papad (Crispy gram flour flat bread) with cream cheese, pine nuts & honey, fresh cherries and lychee as palette cleansers.

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